Perfect Lifestyle @ Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
MVEC Kuala Lumpur | 3 – 5 January 2020

Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC) is located within one of Malaysia’s most popular shopping paradise – Mid Valley Megamall. Strategically located between Kuala Lumpur’s Central Business District and Petaling Jaya, it is accessible via a vast network of roads and highways. Perfect Lifestyle Home Expo is aimed to cater to those seeking everything they need for their home, all in ONE shopping heaven! What are you waiting for? Even window shopper stands a chance to win prizes too!

Date: 3-5 January 2020

Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), Level 3

Time: 11am – 9pm

Admission: Free entry upon registration

AK Home Electrical Sdn Bhd Mitsubishi & TRIO Air Conditioner & Water Heater 2016
Alpha Home Appliances Sdn Bhd Alpha Home Appliances 2058
Best Denki Malaysia Sdn Bhd Philips Home Appliances A27
Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd Daikin Air Conditioning 2087
E-Kin Mart Electrolux Home Appliances 2101
East Ocean Audio Sdn Bhd Pro KTV Karaoke System 2031
Elinew Marketing Ecovacs Auto Cleaner 2039
Fiamma Sdn Bhd Elba Home Appliances 2093
ITSU World Sdn Bhd ITSU Health Equipments 3029
JH Home Appliances Sdn Bhd Philips TV Audio Visual 2075
Joven Marketing Sdn Bhd Joven Electrical Home Shower Heater & Fan 2084
Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd Panasonic Audio Visual & Home Appliances A007 & A013
Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Sharp Audio Visual & Home Appliances A019
Sincere Zone Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd Deka Fan & Water Heater 2095
Aierka Malaysia Sdn Bhd Aierka Kitchen Appliances 2015A
Atasan Tinggi (M) Sdn Bhd TAKA Kitchenware, Kitchen Appliances & Sanitaryware 2011
Ferraz Sdn Bhd Brandt, Celini & Delonghi Kitchen Appliances 2006
GC De Galerie Sdn Bhd Rubine Kitchen Appliances, Sink & Fan 2051
Itazzo Homestyle Sdn Bhd Itazzo Kitchen Appliances 2049
JF Home Appliances Sdn Bhd Robam Kitchen Appliances 2105
LIVINOX Malaysia Sdn Bhd LIVINOX Kitchen Appliances 2091
Sincerol Sdn Bhd Sincero Induction Cooker 2037
Sugawal Sdn Bhd Sugawa Smart Cooker 2069
Sugawal Sdn Bhd Sugawa Cookware 2041
Vigico Marketing Sdn Bhd Vigico Kitchen Appliances 2077
Xam Max Enterprise Sdn Bhd Fujioh & Rinnai Kitchen Appliances 2067
Xam Max Enterprise Sdn Bhd Teka Sanitaryware & Kitchen Appliances 2047
Alutec Interior Design Alutec Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet & Wardrobe 3001
CLS Kitchen Cabinet Sdn Bhd CLS Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet 3056
Ninety Nine Home Design Sdn Bhd 99 Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet 3041
SCI Cabinet Industry Sdn Bhd SCI, SCI Accessories & Homs Appliances Kitchen and Wardrobe Solution 3010
Seven Interior Design Sdn Bhd Wardrobe King Wardrobe 3043
SG Kitchen Manufacturing Sdn Bhd SG Bedroom Set & Carpentry Works 3021
Signature Distribution Sdn Bhd Signature Kitchen Kitchen Cabinet A004
Slider Square Solution Slider Square Solution Wardrobe 3027
SP Furniture Marketing Sdn Bhd Alumix Kitchen Cabinet 3024
Vivo Sleeper Furniture Vivo Sleeper Wardrobe 1094
Welco Kitchen Sdn Bhd Welco Kitchen Cabinet & Wardrobe 3053
Bagus Curtain Sdn Bhd Baagus Curtains & Blinds A001
Estee Soft Furnishing Estee Soft Furnishing Curtain 3014
Maxtrack Group Sdn Bhd Moonlight Blinds 3055
Mywall Rich Décor (SA) Sdn Bhd Mywall Rich Décor Wallpaper, Curtains & Blinds 3016
One Kiara Interior Sdn Bhd Hunter Douglas, Amano Blinds, Acacia Fabric, Topical, Ventana, Sunrise Roll, CPW, WCD, Redcat, Jell & Ritzwallcovering Wallpaper, Curtains & Blinds 3058
Ryjia Corporation Sdn Bhd Cikachi BCF Wallpaper Board 3065
Top Lamp Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd Avalon Lighting 2103
Casarano Marketing Sdn Bhd Casarano Marble Table & Sofa 1058
CF Home Furniture Sdn Bhd Lady America Mattress 3059
Crown Furniture Trading Sdn Bhd Crownlivin Marble Table & Sofa 1082
Dorma International Bedding Sdn Bhd Dorma Mattress 1038
Dreamland Corporation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Dreamland Mattress 2035
Dunlopillo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Dunlopillo Mattress 1028
Enzolivea Marketing Sdn Bhd Morpheus Mattress 1066
Getha Bedding (M) Sdn Bhd Getha Mattress 1033
Getha Bedding (M) Sdn Bhd Osteo Care Mattress 1020
Goodmatt Solution Sdn Bhd Nature’s Rest & Stylemaster Mattress & Fabric Sofa 1012 & 2061
Hatch Home Concept Sdn Bhd Hatch & Slumberland Furniture & Mattress 1089
Home Element Sdn Bhd Vselect Bedroom Set 3063
Home Square Furniture Centre Goodnite Mattress 1031
Ideal Home Gallery Alto & Eco Living Bedroom Set & TV Cabinet 3017
JJ InHouse Marketing Neo Designer Concept Sofa 1064
Kingkoil Bedding (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd King Koil Mattress A003
Living Home Trading Laveo Sofa 1061
LSK Mattress Marketing Sdn Bhd Napure Mattress 1054
LSK Mattress Marketing Sdn Bhd Englander Mattress 1001
LSK Mattress Marketing Sdn Bhd Tempur Mattress A023
Luzini (M) Sdn Bhd Luzini, Viani Mobili & Holz Living Dining 3061
Monde Living Sdn Bhd Modeno Sofa 1016
Moscule Design Sdn Bhd Moscule Furniture 3003
Pullman Home Gallery Sdn Bhd Gausmann Mattress 2032
Pullman Home Gallery Sdn Bhd Pullman Sofa 1024
S.Star Furniture Design Sdn Bhd Dr Posture Mattress 3032
Soon Teck Furniture Centre Sdn Bhd Honey Mattress 1036
SSB Sofa Bed Enterprise SSB Sofa Bed Sofa Bed 1005
Sunperry Furniture Sdn Bhd M Marble Marble Table 1007
SwissAire Sdn Bhd SwissAire Mattress A002
TL Home Design Mixbox Bedroom Set 3067
Wansern Marketing Sdn Bhd Natura Mattress 1086
Alphamax Industries Sdn Bhd Alphamax Water Filter & Safety Box 2097
Bumhan Sanitary Wares Sdn Bhd Toto, LavisDry, Grundfos, Toray, Elta Trade & American Standard Sanitaryware, Water Pump, Sink & Ventilator 2001
Cuckoo International (M) Sdn Bhd Cuckoo Water Filter 2089
H Trends Bathroom Centre Sdn Bhd Sorento Bathroom Accessories 2073
LEC Home Solution Sdn Bhd LEC & Kangen Indoor Alkaline Water Filter & Outdoor Membrane Filter 2045
Maxly Landscape Sdn Bhd Maxly Landscape Landscaping A005
Nesh Marketing Sdn Bhd Nesh Water Filter 2071
Precious Lady Marketing Precious Lady Aluminium Clothes Drying Rack 2040
Smartnano Marketing Smartnano Water Filter & Air Cooler 2008
Woongjin Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Coway Water Purifier, Air Purifier & Bathroom Appliances 2028
World Bath & Kitchen Sdn Bhd VinGs, Eurano & Zella Sanitary, Kitchen & Toilet Accessories 2024
Xam Max Enterprise Sdn Bhd 3M & Hydro One Sanitaryware & Storage Water Heater 2065
Yee Soon Hardware Sdn Bhd Levanzo & Cavarro Granite Sink 2063
Amax Lifestyle Products Sdn Bhd Panther Protect Security Mesh Door & Window 3031
Classic Homenet Decoration Sdn Bhd Homenet Screens Insect Screen 3008
Continental Aces Sdn Bhd Aces Lock, Maxx-Core, Aces Turf & Heveatech Indoor And Outdoor Flooring & Artificial Grass 3012
De Skylight Roofing Sdn Bhd De Skylight Awning & Metal Grill 3009
Delux Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd UniGate/ Polyroof Wrought Iron Products 3037
E Chan Screen Sdn Bhd E Chan Screen Insect Screen 2043
Maxsure Trading Sdn Bhd Yale, First Alert, Hafele, Kaadas, Kaba, Tesa, Gere, Ricco, St. Guchi, Samsung & Schlage Safes, Digital Lock, Lever Handle Set & Door Accessories 3013
Optima Window Sdn Bhd Optima Window & Arxtech Security Wire Mesh Aluminium Framed Windows & Doors 3072
Skill Termite Exterminator Sdn Bhd Skill Pest Control Services 3071
EC Find Product Supply EC EC Find 2010
FAL Houseware Enterprise FAL Houseware Household Product 2005
Goldlife Marketing Sdn Bhd Meiko Health Supplement 2022
IBS Business Global Sdn Bhd Idoromo Shampoo 2030
KKOCH Global Sdn Bhd Sandbox Cosmetics Cosmetics (Lipstick) 2021
NU Vending Sdn Bhd NU Vending Vending Machine 3007
Wellness Concept (M) Sdn Bhd BarleyGreen Health Products 3015

MVEC Kuala Lumpur

Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall, South Tower, 59200, Malaysia, Lingkaran Syed Putra